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Conservation Careers Podcast

Jul 13, 2020

Do you enjoy getting out into the field, identifying plants, animals, insects and more? Would you like to be paid for doing this and spend your career surveying for protected species and habitats whilst implementing the law to identify and avoid harmful impacts on them? Then a career as an ecological consultant might be perfect for you.

To explore this practical, well paid and highly trained area of conservation, we're speaking with Sue Searle, CEO of Ecology Training UK. Sue has over 17 years experience of ecological consultancy and has helped hundreds of people to get the right training to enter into the sector.

We discuss what it's like to work as an ecological consultant, the typical roles available, types of people it suits and skills sought after by employers. We also explore her career journey and Sue shares her top advice for people looking to get started in this exciting area of work. As always, it's a wide ranging, career boosting discussion.