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Conservation Careers Podcast

Oct 9, 2023


What role do schoolchildren play in conservation efforts?  

Why target them specifically, and how do you successfully establish and grow a conservation enterprise from scratch - now empowering over 13,000 young people to help tackle climate change and wildlife conservation. 

That’s what today’s inspiring guest - Laura Dempsey - has achieved with Volunteers for Future. 

Volunteers for Future harness the power of collaboration, bringing together passionate volunteers, young people, expert conservation organisations and schools. 

They deliver action-led conservation and environmental workshops to help young people feel inspired, empowered and motivated to act. 

They also support conservation charities to develop and enhance their volunteer programmes - scaling their impacts to the next level. 

In this episode, we discuss Volunteers for Future - what is it, how it works, where it’s going, how it was formed and how you can get involved.  

Laura also shares how she’s taken charge of her career journey, and her advice for people like you, who might be seeking to make a similar switch in their work.  

Laura also provides simply the best answer to our regular question: “What do conservation organisations need to be better in order to have more impact?”. It’s well worth listening to the end to hear her simple, yet inspiring idea. 

As always it’s a fun, inspiring and conservation-boosting discussion. Enjoy.