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Conservation Careers Podcast

Apr 13, 2020

How do you grow a conservation organisation from 5 staff to over 500 in just over two decades? Why might Greta Thunberg be wrong to avoid air travel, and how is the conservation industry changing the way it hires staff in the 21st century?  

I discuss these issues and many more with today’s guest Mark Rose - Chief Executive Officer - Fauna & Flora International (FFI). 

Mark is a powerhouse in conservation, and has held the role of CEO for over 20 years.  

During that time he has been instrumental in transforming FFI from an organisation with a handful of active projects into a global conservation charity with over 100 projects in over 40 countries. 

He has spearheaded the establishment of innovative corporate partnerships that encourage big business to put biodiversity at the heart of their activities, and has extensive field experience doing things like conserving crocodiles in Papua New Guinea. 

I met him on a stormy day in the Sir David Attenborough building in Cambridge, and we had a fascinating chat about his career, how he’s grown FFI and where we wants to take it next, and how conservation organisations need to simplify their messages to have far greater impact.

It’s an absolute must-listen episode.