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Conservation Careers Podcast

Nov 6, 2023


What can Coca-Cola teach us about how to better save wildlife, in Australia and beyond? 

And why should more governments set up charitable foundations to protect their national parks and threatened wildlife? 

We discuss these and many other issues with today’s inspiring guest - David Goldman. 

David is the Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer at the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife in Australia. 

A truly innovative model, the FNPW is the Charity Partner of Australia’s Government, with a mission to safeguard their wilderness and wildlife for future generations. 

To date, they have grown over ½ million trees to help heal bushfire-affected areas, and also invested over $60 million to purchase land and create more national parks since 2000 … to name just a few impacts of their fundraising activities. 

David is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, and he’s been described as having a passion for doing things differently, which we drill into in this podcast. 

In this episode, David shares his career journey - from marketing for Coca-Cola and News Corp to now working for a conservation charity - and he discusses the importance of conservationists communicating better the benefits of wildlife for people. 

Finally, he also shares his advice for people like you who might be seeking to follow in his footsteps, along with his thoughts on how charities could achieve greater impacts in their work. 

As always, it’s a wide-ranging, wildlife-conserving and career-boosting chat. Enjoy.