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Conservation Careers Podcast

Apr 4, 2022

In recent years business leaders and board rooms across the globe have put sustainability and environmental towards the very top of their priorities.  In response an industry is forming rapidly to service their needs, both in house or as consultants. With generalist and specialist roles evolving all the time to keep up with the growing demand.    Riding on the crest of this sustainability revolution is today’s guest - Tara Mikhael.  Tara works covers the sustainability or supply chains at the consulting powerhouse Deloitte, where her works seeks to better understand the root and branch ethics of business operations.  

In this fascinating chat we talk about the fledging sustainability and climate change profession, the roles it encompasses and work it’s seeking to achieve. 

We also discuss her own passions and career to date, and Tara shares her advice for people seeking to better understand or enter the industry. 

It’s an inspiring, eye-opening and fun podchat. Enjoy.