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Conservation Careers Podcast

Jul 9, 2019

When the opening line of a story mentions an Aldi bag-for-life full of human poo, you know it’s gonna be worth reading on, right?

That story was the winning entry in the Wildlife Blogger of the Year competition and written by Gianluca Cerullo. He’s a conservation scientist and writer with a passion for adventure, wildlife and wild places.

Gianluca has been involved in expeditions and research around the tropics from Borneo and Madagascar to the Colombian Andes and he shares his experiences on his blog. In this podcast you’ll hear from a young conservation scientist who’s really going places. He’s travelled the globe studying dung beetles and is soon starting a PhD at Cambridge University looking at rainforest restoration.

On the podcast we talk about his career to date, his passion for communicating science and some great tips and advice for people seeking to follow in his footsteps. We also discuss some of the big conservation issues of the day like climate change, plastic pollution and much more. Joining me on the podcast today is co-host, Matt Adam Williams from the Wild Voices Project podcast.