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Conservation Careers Podcast

Jun 23, 2023

How do you switch careers from something entirely unrelated to wildlife and start to carve out a role for yourself in the conservation sector? How do you find your purpose, network effectively, get training support and secure high-quality experiences which can transform your work?

In this episode, guest Edward Sanders discusses how he overcame these challenges and more. Ed has worked in the UK, Far East, Southern Africa, Middle East and Australasia in properly development and management for over 20 years. He spent a magical two years in Botswana in his early career, and has since held a passion to return to Africa and dedicate himself to wildlife conservation efforts.

We've been supporting Ed on his career journey over the last six months, and he's stood out as a really engaged, dynamic and driven career switcher who's going places. I wanted to share his career journey and advice with you.

During our chat we talk about his career background in property and real estate and also the practical steps he's taken to start transferring his skills into the conservation sector. From self reflection and Ikigai, to career planning, coaching and networking, Ed shares his honest experience, along with his practical tips for anyone to learn from.

It's an inspiring, exciting and really useful podcast for anyone seeking to switch into or secure a career in conservation. Enjoy.