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Conservation Careers Podcast

Jun 13, 2023

Can you picture yourself rescuing, rehabilitating or even releasing individuals from a Critically Endangered species in the wild? Or translocating wolves from Canada to be released in Yellowstone National Park in the US?

Those are just two examples of the work of Dr. Malcolm McAdie, a Canadian wildlife veterinarian who’s worked with species such as wolves, snakes, Bald Eagle and Critically Endangered Vancouver Island Marmots.

As a wildlife vet, Malcolm works with the Marmot Recovery Foundation, overseeing all the captive breeding and Marmot care, and rescuing and releasing Marmots. He also provides specialized care to all the animals at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Association, among many other exciting projects.

In this episode, Malcolm shares his career journey, the highlights of being a wildlife vet, and the importance of sharing conservation success stories. He also explains some of the keys to his own career success - including being flexible and available, and making connections that led to work.