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Conservation Careers Podcast

Oct 23, 2023

Why is communications so important for conservationists? What communications skills are employers are looking for? And how can you start developing these skills, today?

We answer these questions and more in this special edition of the Conservation Careers Podcast.

Sir David Attenborough said that "Conservation is now a communications challenge". Awareness of this challenge is growing rapidly and it's something we keep coming back to in conversations with podcast guests and in our communities at CC.

Joining me for a deep dive into the importance of communications for conservationists are two guests from Team CC. Kristi Foster is our Head of Programmes, and Lloyd Gofton is our Head of Marketing and 'Communications for Conservation Projects' Course Leader.

Each of shares our background in communications and experience with communications in the conservation sector.

We answer questions like: Why is communications so important for conservationists? What skills are employers looking for, that we can develop in ourselves as aspiring or professional conservationists?

We also share some tips about what you can do today to develop, polish and refine some of these skills - to have more impact and to become more employable.

It's a fun, honest and inspiring conversation. Enjoy!