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Conservation Careers Podcast

Aug 2, 2021

Have you ever considered working as an environmental consultant?  

Do you know what one is and does, and what skills they are looking for? 

Today we’re speaking to Nancy Thomson, who’s the Director and founder of Thomson Environmental Consultants – a very well known name within the industry.  

Nancy has set up two consultancies already. The first she sold, before going round the world on a boat for five years, and now heading her second company which is already turning over £20 million, as it seeks to expand rapidly. 

We talk about the what it’s like to work as an environmental or ecological consultant, and the typical projects they get involved with at Thomson.  

We also discuss the types of people they’re seeking to hire, along with hearing her career story of how she setup Thomson, and where the company might be going next. 

Nancy's a real visionary, modest in character but big in ambition, drive and ability. 

It’s a hugely enjoyable and inspiring chat.