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Conservation Careers Podcast

Dec 7, 2020

How do you go from being an athlete playing on varsity football and basketball teams in Canada and Europe to setting up your own ecotourism operation, which helps to conserve wildlife in both Guyana and Belize?

That's the journey that our guest today, Jordan Flagel, has been on in his career so far. Jordan is the Executive Director and Founder of TREE, whose mission is to provide life changing experiences in nature and actionable change in the environment. TREE stands for Tropical Rainforest Education and Exploration.

In this episode, Jordan shares his unique career story. We discuss the roles of ecotourism and community based activities to help wildlife conservation efforts. He also tells us about an upcoming trip in Guyana, April 2021, where you can join him on a trip of a lifetime.

If you have wanderlust and you love conservation, then you're in the right place, enjoy.