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Conservation Careers Podcast

Jul 17, 2023

Our guest in this episode is a good friend and someone I’ve wanted to get on the show since day one.  

Described as the real-life Indiana Jones, Niall McCann is a TV Presenter, Explorer, and Biologist. 

Niall has travelled the planet on biological expeditions in some of the most remote parts of the globe, and joins the show today to discuss his role as Director of Conservation for National Park Rescue. 

National Park Rescue is a direct-action conservation organisation that focuses on preventing the slaughter of elephants, rhinos and lions in sub-Saharan Africa. They rescue dying national parks to protect nature, alleviate poverty and tackle poaching.  

In this engaging and wide-ranging discussion, recorded in front of a live audience, we discuss his work to establish National Park Rescue from the ground up. How do you identify failing national parks and approach them to help? How do you fund such work into the future, and what difference is their innovative approach making? 

Niall also shares his career journey and advice for people like to you follow. 

It’s a must-listen episode.