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Conservation Careers Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

How do you conserve a species which is incredibly hard to see? A ghost species? 

That’s the challenge faced by today’s guest Helen Turnbull, CEO of The Cape Leopard Trust in South Africa. 

The Cape leopard is the stuff of legends.  

It’s seldom seen and highly elusivesurviving in some of the most inhospitable habitat possible – the rugged mountain ranges of South Africa’s Western Cape. 

And here they can come into conflict with people, or more specifically farmers, who can see them threats to their livestock. 

This is where the Trust comes in, to ensure the long-term survival of leopard populations by promoting peaceful coexistence and the protection of landscapes, empowered by scientific research, positive community partnerships, education and advocacy. 

In today’s episode I talk with Helen about the amazing work of the Trust, and how they tackle such a complex issue. 

We also discuss her fascinating career which has taken her from working for an airline for nearly two decades, to being a business owner working in sustainable tourism, to where she is today, leading conservation efforts for cape leopards. 

It’s a great story, and we start with Helen providing an overview of the work of the Trust.