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Conservation Careers Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

Don't let anyone talk you away from your dreams says conservation biologist and today's guest Dr. Fernando MateosGonzález.

In his free time Fernando ('Nando') runs where he helps students and early career professionals find their dream environmental role. Whether it's sharing job offers internships, volunteer opportunities and more Nando loves helping up and coming biologists.

In his day job he works as a conservation biologist in the Czech Republic and supports expeditions as a nomadic mercenary scientist. Last year he joined the BBC in the Peruvian Amazon to shoot scenes for the new Attenborough series, Seven Worlds, One Planet. And he's just back from an expedition sailing to Iceland as chief scientist for British Exploring Society.

Nando is a super busy, super fun and super passionate biologist. So if you're interested in careers in conservation biology or passionate about expeditions you'll love today's guest. Enjoy.