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Conservation Careers Podcast

Nov 20, 2023

Why should more conservationists learn to study people?  

To better understand them as individuals, communities and societies, alongside their complex behaviours and interactions. 

This is what today’s podcast is all about, and it’s something termed social science. 

Here to discuss the power of social science for conservation is today’s guest Dr Rebecca Jefferson. 

Rebecca runs Human Nature, a social enterprise which seeks to empower conservationists to have a more positive impact on the planet through training, collaboration and support. 

We talk about why social science is important for conservationists, how it can be used to tackle wildlife declines.  

We also discuss the benefits of people with different disciplines and backgrounds working in partnerships to have better outcomes in conservation projects. 

Rebecca also shares her journey in setting up a business with impact at its core, along with her advice for others who might be seeking to follow in her footsteps. 

It’s a people-partnering, social-sciencing, conservation pod-chat.