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Conservation Careers Podcast

Feb 15, 2022

In this episode we’re revisiting an important discussion within conservation, and something which may affect you. Namely, barriers to entry which make it difficult to pursue careers for women, people of color, indigenous people, and other under-represented groups.

To discuss this in detail today is Lynn Mento, the CEO of new organisation Conservation Nation.

Conservation Nation is dedicated to protecting wildlife by providing funding and networking opportunities to conservationists from diverse backgrounds.

They are seeking to help change the conservationist profession from a field of exclusion to one of inclusion and growth.

In the podcast we discuss the lack of diversity within conservation, the problems it causes and explore the potential solutions that Conservation Nation are developing.

We also discuss Lynn’s exciting role and career to date, and she shares her advice for you, the listener, if you’re seeking to start your career in the sector.

It’s a thoughtful, sobering and inspiring discussion.