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Conservation Careers Podcast

Dec 13, 2023

How important are volunteers in conservation? 

What are the different types of work you can do as a volunteer, and how can it benefit your career? 

We answer these and many more questions in discussion with today’s guest Rhoda Ludford. 

Rhoda is the Volunteering Development Consultant with the Royal Society for...

Dec 4, 2023

We ran a live event in partnership with Conservation Optimism, to explore and celebrate the work of Dr Charu Mishra - the world’s foremost expert on snow leopard conservation, and double Whitley Gold Award Winner.

Conservation Optimism is a global community dedicated to inspiring people to make a positive difference...

Nov 20, 2023

Why should more conservationists learn to study people?  

To better understand them as individuals, communities and societies, alongside their complex behaviours and interactions. 

This is what today’s podcast is all about, and it’s something termed social science. 

Here to discuss the power of social science...

Nov 6, 2023


What can Coca-Cola teach us about how to better save wildlife, in Australia and beyond? 

And why should more governments set up charitable foundations to protect their national parks and threatened wildlife? 

We discuss these and many other issues with today’s inspiring guest - David Goldman. 

David is...

Oct 23, 2023

Why is communications so important for conservationists? What communications skills are employers are looking for? And how can you start developing these skills, today?

We answer these questions and more in this special edition of the Conservation Careers Podcast.

Sir David Attenborough said that "Conservation is now...